Since 1964 we have drilled over 5000 wells in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama with machinery that adapts to any type of geological formation.

To bring water to our customers, regardless of the type of complication that we find in the basement, we have different types of drills. We use the rotation method and rotopercussion to adapt to local geology. We can drill wells up to 36 inches in diameter and reach depths of 3,500 feet, This versatility allows us to choose the most appropriate drill to drill more quickly and efficiently. We also have the most complete database to provide the geological conditions that might arise when drilling data.

For the drilling fluid, Daho Pozos use products that do not cause any negative impact to aquifers as they are NSF certified, environmentally friendly.

During drilling, subsurface samples are taken every 10 feet, which are analyzed by our hydrogeologists, to determine the location of geological strata that are good conductors of water. After the drill, and before sleeving the well, it proceeds to run an electric record, which, together with the extracted samples are the best source of analysis to design the jacket, for power grids that will locate the maximum water ingress.